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PLC Automation & Industrial Automation (Intern)


6000 Rs/-


6 Weeks

About the Course

More specifically, they use IBM Z systems.
Mainframes handle 90 percent of all credit card transactions. Did you buy something with your Visa or Mastercard today? More likely than not, a mainframe made it possible. Mainframes handle 68 percent of the world’s production IT workloads, yet they account for only 6 percent of IT costs.

That’s according to IBM, which obviously has a horse in the mainframe game, and it is unclear exactly how these figures were calculated. However, if we assume that these numbers are anywhere close to accurate, they are impressive, especially for what they reveal about the cost-efficiency of mainframes.

IBM’s z15 system can support up to 40 terabytes of memory. That’s 40,000 gigabytes, for those of you keeping track at home.

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